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‘Celebrity’ Big Brother – Launch Night Thoughts

September 10th 2010 Big Brother was buried by Channel 4 and given one hell of a big send off – Flash forward three hundred and forty days and here we are again. Big Brother is BACK and it seems the only thing we said goodbye to last year was Davina.

The last words of Big Brother on Channel 4 were “Big Brother Will Get Back To You” – and get back to us it certainly has! Channel 4 axed it and I bet all eyes were on Channel 5 last night and they were waiting to see if they could create a show better than them. Unfortunately, I think Channel 4 will be letting out a big sigh of relief today. The line-up is relatively unknown, as such, a lot of the public will not watch because of the “they aren’t celebrities” thing. Read the rest of this entry


‘Celebrity’ Big Brother – The Great Elstree Soak

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, especially if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, last night marked the return of the true reality show Big Brother!

I was under the impression that this was ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother, but it appears I was wrong! Not only is this the least famous line up in Big Brothers history, Five actually managed to find someone who didn’t even have their own Wikipedia page! Congratulations to them.

However, who am I kidding? Big Brother has never been about how known the celebrity’s are, personally I couldn’t care less, because the more famous the housemate the more boring they are based on past experience. So a house with relatively unknown people? Brilliant!

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‘Celebrity’ Big Brother – Launch Tonight!

So, after months of not being too fussed about Channel 5 acquiring Big Brother I am now officially looking forward to the launch tonight. The fact that the live feed will not be there still annoys me completely but now I am seeing things differently. This is not the show that Channel 4 had, in everything but branding and location this is going to be an entirely different show by the looks of things.

I’m sure I’ll be posting my views on the next three months quite regularly here so check back if you’re a Big Brother fan too!

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Lost – Season 6 Episode 1 Thoughts

I decided to put an old blog post of mine that I originally wrote in February 2010 on to this blog. Why? Well firstly, who cares! Secondly, come the new TV season I aim to be writing things like this regularly. But this is a post on Lost Season 6, Episode 1.

The following post is related to the Season 6 premiere of Lost’s double episode LA X, which aired on February 2nd in the US and February 5th in the UK. If you have not seen this episode, please do not read any further until you have done so.

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Seven Days Until Big Brother And House Pictures

With just one week away from Big Brother (a great program that I think is brilliant and really don’t understand people’s negativity towards) I thought I’d take a moment to look forward to the series ahead. I’ll be happy to write a post why Big Brother is one of the best things currently being created on British TV if anyone wants it đŸ˜‰

However! With just one week away before Celebrity Big Brother kicks off let’s take a look at what Channel 5 have done to the upcoming new house. Still based in Elstree, Borehamwood, the house is much larger this year and quite lavish.

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