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How To Save Big Brother UK Before It’s Too Late

Big Brother is dead, the ratings are hugely down and it needs saving. Another series of Celebrity Big Brother has been and gone, and even Channel 5 can’t deny it any longer. In this post I’ll outline how to save Big Brother before it’s too late.

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I’m Back…

Yes, that’s right!

I’m back with my first post in years and back for good! If you thought my Twitter was full of intense opinion, debate and wonderful me – Then you can look forward to all of that and more with the restriction of a 140 character limit REMOVED! Hoorah!

Save the page, come back often, for my thoughts on all things TV, news, Eurovision and more.

If you’ve found me without finding me on Twitter then give me a follow for all my immediate thoughts that I explode out on to the internet on a whim @ljay815

Also don’t be afraid of saying hey, I might call you a chicken livered sh1t but that’s part of the fun.