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Best TV Episodes Ever – LOST: Through The Looking Glass

The best TV series of all time... In my humble opinion of course

I decided to add a new feature to my blog. A compilation of what I consider to be the best TV episodes of all time. I’ll add to this here and there but what better place to start than my favourite episode from my most loved TV show ever. Lost.

For those that don’t know, Lost is an American serial drama that aired for 6 seasons and 121 episodes between 2004-2010 on the ABC network. At it’s peak it had a massive 22 million viewers and stayed strong right until the end still captivating 14 million viewers for its final episode – and this is just figures in the US! Lost was a worldwide phenomenon and had devoted fans in a large number of countries, giving Lost one of the largest, intelligent and loyal fan base a TV show has ever had.

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Lost – Season 6 Episode 1 Thoughts

I decided to put an old blog post of mine that I originally wrote in February 2010 on to this blog. Why? Well firstly, who cares! Secondly, come the new TV season I aim to be writing things like this regularly. But this is a post on Lost Season 6, Episode 1.

The following post is related to the Season 6 premiere of Lost’s double episode LA X, which aired on February 2nd in the US and February 5th in the UK. If you have not seen this episode, please do not read any further until you have done so.

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